Trine Falbe: The Importance of Ethical Design
Ep. 02

Trine Falbe: The Importance of Ethical Design

Episode description

This podcast was produced ahead of the PublicSpaces Conference The Time is Now, which will take place on the 17th and 18th of May (2022) in Amsterdam.

In this short mini-series, we talk to three contributors to the conference who found their own unique way of utilizing technology to address difficult problems.

This episode features Trine Falbe. She’s a design and UX specialist from Denmark with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She’s written two books on what design could mean for creating a healthier online environment and she also helps companies and organisations improve their customer experience through ethical design.

Consumers have become more aware of the implications of the technology they use. Trine therefore argues that making more ethical design choices cannot only be a better long-term strategy for businesses as well as public organisations, it may even be necessary to stay relevant.

She also addresses the importance of educating children to be more aware of the common dangers of online spaces.

Trine will be present during the PublicSpaces Conference where she will be presenting a keynote called It’s Time to Change Your Digital Strategy. She’ll also join the Roundtable session PubHubs, Public Values in Practice and What’s Next.