Paulius Senūta: The Call Russia Project
Ep. 01

Paulius Senūta: The Call Russia Project

Episode description

This podcast was produced ahead of the PublicSpaces Conference The Time is Now, which will take place on the 17th and 18th of May (2022) in Amsterdam.

In this short mini-series, we talk to three contributors to the conference who found their own unique way of utilizing technology to address difficult problems.

This episode features Paulius Senūta, co-founder of the Call Russia Project, an initiative that aims to motivate Russian diaspora across the globe to pick up the phone and call Russian citizens, to inform them about the war in Ukraine.

While various people and organizations have found creative ways of reaching the Russian public to provide them with more accurate information, Paulius argues that changing people’s ideas about the world might start with something as simple as connecting on a human level.

Paulius will be present during the PublicSpaces Conference where he’ll share more of his thoughts on how to fight disinformation during a session called The Battle Against Fake News.